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Are you a coach, energy healer, course creator, or online business owner who knows that your business would dramatically change if you had your tech set up to support all of your big ideas?

If you had weekly access to FREE start-up tech training without the
"bang your head against the wall" tech headache...

Would you finally embrace your vision and create an online business that shows your potential clients just how amazing you are


In the Fall of 2020, I celebrated my anniversary of ten years as an entrepreneur. I've seen huge changes take place in technology over those ten years, so I took some time to ponder the question: 

If I started all over, what would I do?

I would start with a simple system. 

This is where I would begin when it comes to technology, to ramp up as fast as possible, and create an online business that would support any idea I can conjure up. And let me tell you, I'm a rockstar when it comes to ideas! 

The FREE Simple Business System includes: 

✔ Ideas for what to do daily, weekly, monthly, and an ongoing task list

✔ How to measure and track your accomplishments

✔ Who belongs in your Dream Connections List

✔ Resources that will help you build your business

✔ Where to put all of those ideas that come into your brain constantly!

✔ And...crucial conversation questions for you to have with yourself and team.

Plus...a few bonuses! 

What's in Your Website
Top Tech Tools for 2021
And Guest Training from some of my favorite peeps! 

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4 Modules

A Simple Business System

This is all of the uber cool training that I do each month. I'm actually going to be sticking to a schedule (instead of extreme randomness) for 2021, and will send you an email when it's up and ready for you! 

Bonus: What's in Your Website?

If I were to start over, I would start with my website, and provide really clear ways for people to work with me. In this training, we talk about my five recommendations for your website! 

Top Ten Tech Tools for 2021

If you are starting an online business, or you want to streamline a bit, these are the tools that I recommend! Some are free, some are paid, and some are a bigger investment, but if you want to get serious about it, you'll need to invest. 

Modules for this training 4
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